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About Us

Keep Ya Head High aka Head High is a Stoner Accessories & Apparel Brand.

KYHH started off as just an idea back in 2017 by the Founder, Owner & Creative Director Saint Humalien.

With the infamous slogan “Blunts & Boobs Lick Responsibly”, Saint thought he was on to something. After sitting on the concept for 2 years the brand name “Keep Ya Head High”/“Head High” came to him.

The name is a double entendre; One Head High/Keep Ya Head High means holding your head up and being proud of yourself and who you are no matter what. Being successful and happy in your own way. But with us being Stoners and for the legalization of marijuana it also means Stay High Smoking on that Good.

So with that we wanted to help “Keep Ya Head High!” but helping supply dope, creative stoner accessories & Apparel that appeal & relates to stoner from all walks of life with our own creative twist.

Starting with our Tshirts, Grinders, Rolling Trays & Our Custom Handmade Resin Ashtrays. So Please Enjoy & “Keep Ya Head High!”

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